Mattias Lazda

PhD Student
Astronomy & Astrophysics
University of Toronto


I am a PhD student at the University of Toronto in the department of Astronomy & Astrophysics. I received my bachelors degree in honours physics at McGill University where I completed my undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Vicky Kaspi. Prior to starting my PhD, I spent a year working within the CHIME/FRB collaboration under the supervision of Vicky Kaspi and Kiyoshi Masui.

Outside of academia I love to travel, go on road trips and camp! A life goal of mine is to visit as many radio telescope in the world as I can and collect a collectors patch from every national park in Canada and the USA. If you’re curious about my progress, you can checkout my photos page. 

My Research

Very broadly speaking, I am interested in everything radio astronomy related.  My background is in radio instrumentation and I’ve played a major role in commissioning the CHIME/FRB outrigger telescopes. Along the way, I’ve developed an interest in fast radio bursts (FRBs) and using wide-field very-long-baseline-interferometry (VLBI) to localise them to their host environments. More recently, I have become interested in the link between FRBs, their persistent radio counterparts and supernovae. As part of my PhD, I aim to enable VLBI imaging with the CHIME outriggers to search for persistent radio counterparts for FRBs that are well-localised by the outriggers. 

I am currently supervised by Juan Mena-Parra, commissioning the CHIME/FRB outrigger telescopes to enable the localisation of thousands of FRBs to sub 50 milliarcseconds using VLBI. Additionally, I am using the European VLBI Network (EVN) to explore the link between supernovae and FRBs on VLBI scales, co-supervised by Juan and by Kenzie Nimmo

Radio Instrumentation

Fast Radio Bursts


Persistent Radio Sources


Radio Imaging

My Publications


[5] The CHIME/FRB Collaboration +  61 co-authors including Lazda, M. (2023). Updating the first CHIME/FRB catalog of fast radio bursts with baseband data (submitted to ApJ[arXiv: 2311.00111]

[4] Cassanelli, T., Leung, C., Sanghavi, P. + 49 co-authors including Lazda, M. (2023). A fast radio burst localized at detection to a galactic disk using very long baseline interferometry  (submitted to Nature Astronomy[arXiv: 2307.09502]

[3] Sanghavi, P., Leung, C., + 14 co-authors including Lazda, M. (2023). TONE: A CHIME/FRB Outrigger Pathfinder for localizations of Fast Radio Bursts using Very Long Baseline Interferometry.  (submitted to Journal of Astrophysical Instrumentation) [arXiv: 2304.10534]

[2] CHIME/FRB Collaboration + 58 co-authors including Lazda, M. (2023). CHIME/FRB Discovery of 25 Repeating Fast Radio Burst Sources, ApJ, 947, 83C [arXiv:2301.08762]

[1] Cook, A. + 27 co-authors including Lazda, M. (2023). An FRB Sent Me a DM: Constraining the Electron Column of the Milky Way Halo with Fast Radio Burst Dispersion Measures from CHIME/FRB, ApJ, 946, 58C  [arXiv:2301.03502]